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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rock That Body

Spintown News:
Sorry today's post was late. I fell asleep at like 8:00 PM last night. Got up today, and had other things to take care of. The Sunday blog will be on time though, I promise.

Rock That Body
Remember when there were viral videos coming out every day of people doing a funny lip sync? Fortunately there are still a few people who haven't quit making them, like YouTuber 'BeenerKeeKee1995'.

Chubby Kid Has Some Moves
This isn't as good as Scarlet Takes A Tumble, but it's still funny.

It Is What It Is
Here's an original song by Frank Bell.

Free Beats
The beatboxer in this video is Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan.

Brazilian Star Wars
This is a pretty cool mashup by YouTuber 'FAROFF'.

Be Like That
Here's the latest cover from Tommy Knox. I used to play this 3 Doors Down song all the time.

Stoppin' The Love
YouTuber 'ScribbleTunes' takes on a KT Tunstall song.

Best Of The Rest:

I Can Haz No Extraz :(

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