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Friday, January 16, 2009

Pole Dancing Robots

Pole Dancing Robots
Yeah, you read that right....

Star Wars
This is an a cappella tribute to John Williams, but most of you have probably already seen it.

I'm Yours Rachel
Apparently the internet will not rest until everyone in the world does a cover or lip sync to this song. Here's YouTuber TeylerJay giving it a shot.

Blind As A Bat
People are so easily entertained...

Blind As a Bat - Awesome video clips here

Best Of The Rest:

1. This was a video response to the above 'Star Wars' video. CLICK HERE FOR Star Wars Response

2. PacMan & 747 put this together in 1 night working together. CLICK HERE FOR Late Night Creation

3. This is the second episode of this Dave Hill 'mini' series. CLICK HERE FOR Little Michael Jackson & Me

4. I liked this song by YouTuber CharlieOver9000. CLICK HERE FOR Wahouh

5. This guy dances better then Beyonce...and no it's not the video you think it is. CLICK HERE FOR Diva

6. YouTuber NOKTURNA9 put together a montage of some of the videos that were removed from her channel. CLICK HERE FOR Dance Montage

7. There's no video to go along with this song at the moment, but it's kind of funny. It's from the new brentalfloss channel 'FlossOriginals'. CLICK HERE FOR My Favorite Thing

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