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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Gone (ukulele orignal)
I really liked this song from YouTuber daniellesmagic, but I skipped what Mr. T would call some crazy jibber jabber.

Lip Sync With A Twist
moymoypalaboy went on a road trip, and decided to do a lip sync with seikodogg while driving around in their car. Not bad, especially when you consider they're driving around some busy streets.

The Roommate Song
brentalfloss created a second YouTube channel called FlossOriginals. You should check it out.

David Sides finally uploaded something new. It's an original song, I just wish he would update more often.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Remember the chick I linked to with the ripped stomach a little while ago? Here she is again, this time showing off another body part. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

2. SupaDupaFlyGirl did a lip sync video recently. CLICK HERE FOR D├ęcodez

3. I was just saying the other day that a song about a flying turtle would be a great idea... CLICK HERE FOR The Flying Turtle

4. Kina Grannis & David Choi recently did another duet together. This time a Chris Brown cover. CLICK HERE FOR Forever

5. Here's the latest from Matt Rach. CLICK HERE FOR C'est la CRISE

6. This is an old video, but I'm posting it because of the next video. CLICK HERE FOR Mini Michael Jackson

7. If they can give Joey from Friends a spinoff, why can't a major network use this idea? CLICK HERE FOR Little Michael Jackson & Me Episode 1

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