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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Don't Trust Me Parody

Spintown News:
I'm going to attempt to get Jeff MacDougall to write a song for one of my montage videos. If you followed the Song Fu links I posted awhile back, you would have heard some of his work. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Don't Trust Me Parody
This is the first video for this YouTuber...not bad.

Tiny Cars SUCK!
I hope Hank sticks to 1 song a week for awhile. He's usually pretty funny.

My Soldier (official music video)
AJ Rafael & company made a music video for one of his songs. Starts off slow, but gets better.

7 Nation Army
Nataly Dawn does a great job doing this White Stripes cover.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This guy writes songs about totally random stuff...I mean really random. CLICK HERE FOR Hamster On A Piano (Eating Popcorn)

2. This is the third episode of this Dave Hill 'mini' series. CLICK HERE FOR Little Michael Jackson & Me

3. Did this guy just wake up and say to himself, "This stash looks so good I need to make a music video about it"? CLICK HERE FOR Moustachio

4. David Sides does a T.I. & Rihanna cover. CLICK HERE FOR Live Your Life

5. Here's another jun626 video. CLICK HERE FOR Fireball

6. PacMan, Moon & 747 collaborated in under 6 hours to make a piece for this Jamie Foxx and T-Pain song. CLICK HERE FOR Blame It choreo

7. YouTuber NOKTURNA9 is now a favorite of mine. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick Dancing

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