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Monday, January 26, 2009

Commentary The Musical

Commentary The Musical
If you liked Dr. Horrible The Sing-A-Long Blog, then you should check this channel out. This guy posted all the music from the DVD commentary. This is my first time embedding an entire YouTube channel.

Let's Don't Worry
I love these videos, they always do a really good job.

Sexy Stripper Falls Off Stage
Lucky for us she doesn't fall until after she puts on a good show.

Ode To Boxxy (Love Song)
At least somebody seems to like Boxxy.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This commercial is pretty cool. CLICK HERE FOR Dancing Eyebrows

2. Even President Obama is getting into the Beyoncé craze. CLICK HERE FOR Single Ladies

3. I figured there would be more then a few Obama videos to post for a couple weeks. CLICK HERE FOR Obama Girl + Obama Duet

4. If you liked the above video, then check this remix out. CLICK HERE FOR Mike Relm

5. Even though I'm a Bengals fan, I'm cheering for the Steelers at this point. I like hard hitting teams, and I think the Cardinals lucked out in even getting to the Superbowl. CLICK HERE FOR Steelers: Here We Go

6. RICK C tried his hand at doing the popular Jason Mraz cover. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Yours

7. The audio was taken down by YouTube in this clip, but I don't think you'll mind too much. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

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