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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

YouTrax: Features DJ

YouTrax: Episode 7
DJ was featured on YouTrax in their most recent episode.

The What The Buck Song
YouTuber hexachordal wrote a song for Michael Buckley.

Bikini Dance
I don't care why she's in a bikini or why she's dancing. I just enjoy the fact that she is.

Re: me dancing to the music for no reason
Meet Jade (shpared). Jade has "asperger syndrome". Some people think Jade is a girl...but he is not (NOTE: I am a boy, not a girl). Watch Jade dance. Jade is funny.

Best Of The Rest:

1. YouTuber toymasheenSH decided to remix the above video for us. CLICK HERE FOR Remix

2. Are you getting tired of me posting hot chicks shaking their booty? I didn't think so... CLICK HERE FOR Booty

3. Will Smith rapping along with a ukulele. CLICK HERE FOR Men In Black

4. It's time for 'Your Weekly Music Lesson With Walt'. CLICK HERE FOR Arpeggio Tricks & Explanations

5. It's a good thing this chick knows she's bad, otherwise it would just be sad. CLICK HERE FOR Fly On The Wall

6. Kina Grannis uploaded another original song. CLICK HERE FOR Back To Us

7. This is something a little different for this blog, but it is still dance related. CLICK HERE FOR Ballet Dance Workout

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