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Friday, January 23, 2009

With A Little Bit Of Luck

Spintown News:
It's time to kick it old school again. Today we've got some more of my favorite moments from television & movies.

With A Little Bit Of Luck
I didn't like 'My Fair Lady' as much as a lot of people, but there are a few good numbers in the movie that I like.

Dean Martin
I've had this recording for years on CD, but never had the chance to see the video until a few weeks ago. Beau James is one of my favorite Dino songs to sing in the car.

Cyd Charisse
One of my favorite girls doing what she does best in 'Party Girl'.

Lady Be Good
Eleanor Powell is incredible in this movie, and this is a jaw dropping number.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Martin & Lewis trying to kill time live on their old show. CLICK HERE FOR Five Minutes Left

2. Here's the hottest little cartoon character in history, Betty Boop. CLICK HERE FOR I Wanna Be Loved By You

3. I was going to post Vera Ellen performing 'Naughty But Nice' from 'The Belle Of New York', but YouTube took the audio out of the uploaded video. So now you get this number with Donald O' Connor, another one of my favorite dancers. CLICK HERE FOR It's A Lovely Day Today PS: You still might want to watch her doing the 'Naughty But Nice' routine on YouTube even without the sound. She's smokin' hot in it.

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