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Friday, January 2, 2009

1/2 Christmas

Silver Bells
Wade Johnston works with RhettandLink on this Christmas classic.

I Know Who Took The Milk And Cookies
I missed my weekly dose of Kina while I was in Florida.

I Don't Know, Let's Sing
Ok, enough Christmas videos for today. This is a Jennifer Chung music video. Not bad for her first video.

Shop Vac
YouTuber spiffworld makes another cool video for a Jonathan Coulton song.

Best Of The Rest:

1. The trilogy is now complete. 3 days in a row of Christmas lights to the same song. CLICK HERE FOR Carol Of The Bells

2. A fan of brentalfloss made this unofficial opening for him. CLICK HERE FOR Unofficial Brent

3. Not a bad little diddy by Tom Chapin, but I wish Emily would stop filming stuff like this, and start dancing again. CLICK HERE FOR Go Away, Sarah Palin

4. Eric does a Bee Gees cover. I don't like the song much, but Eric is a great performer. CLICK HERE FOR Bee Gees Cover

5. I didn't know David Choi did techno music when he first started making muisc. Apparently he was pretty good. CLICK HERE FOR Beatoid

6. Hank Green sings a song from the perspective of an insane person. CLICK HERE FOR Absolutely Bill's Mood

7. YouTuber jun626 plays some mean Led Zeppelin on his guitar. CLICK HERE FOR Communication Breakdown

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