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Sunday, January 18, 2009

"One Week" Parody

Barenaked Ladies "One Week" Parody
Man I used to listen to this song a lot.

Doogie Howser Theme
This brings back memories & adds a whole new level of cool to the song.

Fat Girls Aloud
Even fat chicks are dancing to 'Single Ladies'.

Love Like Oxygen
This chick dances just as well as the people in the original video.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's a remix of the freaky chick who recently blew up on You Tube. CLICK HERE FOR My Name Is Boxxy

2. I figured I should post this since Obama will be our new president in a couple days. CLICK HERE FOR Aer OBAMA

3. Did you really think we would go a day without an I'm Yours cover? CLICK HERE FOR Olivia Thai

4. Jason Mraz will someday be held accountable for what he has unleashed on the net. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Yours

5. Del gives us his acapella version of the song. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Yours

6. Paul Bullen won a contest with his cover of the song. CLICK HERE FOR Bebo Competition Winner

7. When I saw a YouTube channel called 'whitebooty316' I knew it would be worth a look. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

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