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Friday, January 2, 2009

2nd Blog Of 2009

Spintown News:
Another all Christmas post...well amost. Looking at all the videos I've got lined up you should expect half of the featured videos for the next week to be Christmas themed.

Brent has an idea for the song he's writing that I think should be pretty funny. I won't go into details though, you'll just have to wait and see when it's done.

O Come All Ye Faithful
Wade Johnston teams up with PomplamooseMusic for this Christmas video.

Ponceman Got Skillz!
This is part 5 of the Ponceman HOLI-DAZE Special.

Hank Green Sings A Christmas Carol
I don't think this song has a title, but it's really funny.

I Got A Crush On...
DJ didn't forget us this Christmas.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Last Christmas video of the year from AJ. CLICK HERE FOR Boxing Day

2. Another Hip Hop Santa. CLICK HERE FOR Soulja Santa

3. The Zipster didn't get enough submissions to do his big 12 Days Of Christmas video this year. But this YouTuber did, and I just found out the guy lives about 30 minutes from me. I might check his church out one Sunday. Oh, and look for Rhett & Link to make an appearance. CLICK HERE FOR 12 Days

4. Remember the Christmas lights put to Carol Of The Bells I linked to yesterday? Well here's some more. CLICK HERE FOR Carol Of The Bells

5. How about some more Christmas lights? This time not to Carol Of The Bells. CLICK HERE FOR Techno Lights

6. Here's a clip of some kid showing up the mascot at a Hawks game. CLICK HERE FOR Mascot Dance Off

7. YouTuber artemisbell has the coolest pants ever. Too bad I think she's nuts. CLICK HERE FOR Gold Pants

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