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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Song Fight 'Facts' & New Feature

I recently decided I wanted to start following Song Fight a little closer. I've been reviewing the rounds for a little while, but I really don't know much about the history of the place or anything. So not only do I plan to listen to ALL the past songs (and trust me that's going to take awhile), but I think I'd like to interview one of bands that have been posting on there for a long time. So I started looking through the site and found the list of all the people who have ever submitted songs, how many they've submitted over time, and how many times they've won. I don't know who I'll ask for an interview yet, but if anyone has suggestions please let me know. Below are some interesting 'facts' I discovered while looking around.

1. Melvin & WreckdoM has each submitted 102 total songs, which ties them for the most ever. That doesn't include collabs they may have done, or songs submitted under a different name.

2. 13 different people have submitted 50 or more songs.

3. More then 80 people have submitted a minimum of 20 songs.

4. Josh Woodward has entered 44 times, and won over half of those fights.

5. Rone Rivendale has entered more then anyone without winning. Unless you count Wages, who has only won with a collab.

6. Hostess Mostess has entered at least 1 song every year since 2002. I'm sure others may have as well, but that's still a lot.

7. 10 years...the amount of time it'll take me to get caught up on all the music from Song Fight.

(facts may be incorrect due to my being lazy & not double checking. :P )


  1. This may help with your research:

  2. 10 years...that's also how long it took to make it!

  3. Thanks, that site will probably end up helping a lot.