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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Song Fu #5: Round 1

The Fu is finally back! After listening to 20+ Song Fight songs yesterday, I had to listen to 30+ Song Fu songs today. First off I have to say I was disappointed with the challenge for the first round. Here's the description posted by Ken Plume:

"Your first task is based upon the work of Friend-of-the-Stop John Hodgman - specifically, the “700 MOLE MEN” listed in his second book, More Information Than You Require. You’ll find the full list of “700 Mole Men” - and their descriptions - HERE. Your task is to choose one (1) and write a song about that Mole Man, based on the description provided by Hodgman. The title of your song will be the name of the Mole Man you’ve chosen, and its corresponding number on the list. You are free to write your song in any style that you choose."
This challenge gives the songwriters a lot of room for creativity, which is good for a first round challenge. However, I didn't think 30+ songs about "Mole Men" would have a lot of replay value. After the listening party, and listening to the songs a second time around Tuesday, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed most of the entries. I still don't think the songs have a lot of replay value compared to songs from previous rounds, but I was impressed nonetheless. I'm especially proud of all the fellow TMA members who participated. It'll be a little weird picking my favorite songs this time, since I know about half the people in the tournament. I'll give you the 5 I voted for, and maybe a few others I felt I should mention. If you're not mentioned, you shouldn't assume I didn't like your song. There's 30+ songs, and I can only pick a handfull. YouTuber sevinPackage will probably do a much more detailed review of the round at some point. I suggest you vote only after listening to all the songs HERE.

Song Fu #5: Round #1: (Right click "Save As" to download MP3's.)
1. Joe "Covenant" Lamb - #297 Mr. Tom Furby (TMA member) - It's a song about killing Furbys, how could I not pick this.
2. Josh Holober-Ward - #422 Mokey - The twist at the end made me laugh so hard it hurt my ailing chest.
3. "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson - #139 Mr. Genuine Hissfurther (TMA member) - The fact that I used to be a history major probably had something to do with it getting my vote.
4. Jason Morris - #019 Thomas Ashley Innersun (TMA member) - I've got plenty of could've & should've moments, while always wishing to be somewhere else. I'm also proud of what I do, so I related to this mole man. Honestly...I just like the tune, and it made me laugh.
5. Chas Lilly - #567 Mr. Angelo Openjaw - The song was fine, but the ending pushed this into the top 5 for me.

Honorable Mentions:
1. Gorbzilla - #414 Nick Nolte - The music in this song actually makes me feel like I'm in a dark, dirty tunnel with various mole men swinging pick axes all around me. If he would have picked a different mole man, or told a different story I would have voted for this song. For some reason I couldn't get into the story.
2. Steve Chatterton (TMA member) - #042 Miss Claudia Inward Burrowdown - I've always liked Steve, and this was just a fun song for me to sing along with.
3. Ian "2 Shades" Johnson (TMA member) - #145 Mandibular-Jaw Johnny - If a song can make me clap my hands to the music, that means I probably liked it right? Although I am white, so the frustration of not being able to clap in unison with the music might have kept it out of the top 5. ;D
4. Gifted Gear - #580 Old Man Hades - An a cappella song in Song Fu? Takes some guts, and I like it.
5. Lex Vader - #153 Permanent Unsex - The music is catchy, and that's why I liked this entry.

After listening to them all twice I narrowed my list down to 12 songs...then it got real difficult to narrow down any more. Props to everyone who participated, I look forward to more Song Fu'ness in round 2. Please listen to all the songs, and support these great artists. You can find links to their various sites with their profiles HERE.

Genuine Hissfurther, A Declarationist (#139)
“Buckethat” Bobby Matheson (TMA member) made an awesome VideoSong to go along with his Song Fu entry. Right click, "Save As" HERE for the MP3.

Mr. Larry Screwskull #612
Jonathan Mann actually posted this video a few days ago, but I wanted to save it for my Song Fu post. Right click, "Save As" HERE for the MP3.

#145 Mandibular Jaw Johnny
Ian "2 Shades" Johnson (TMA member) took long enough to finally make this video, but better late then never. Right click, "Save As" HERE for the MP3.

#573 Miss Miriam Poisonblisters
Sara Parsons (TMA member) is adorable, and this is another good Song Fu entry. Right click, "Save As" HERE for the MP3.

#423 Red
Johannes Schult (TMA member) teamed up with Susanne Wolff, and became Manticess. One thing is the same...Johannes kicks ars. Right click, "Save As" HERE for the MP3.

#315 Mr. Dennimore Evercrouch
This is a video that Peter Benedict made for his Song Fu song. Right click, "Save As" HERE for the MP3.


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  2. I posted a link to this review.
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  3. I totally approve of your picks.