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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Travels Of Code Monkey

"600 photos of a stuffed monkey, traveling across the world at 12 frames per second, to the tune of Jonathan Coultons song: Code Monkey." - YT video description

(Too Many Minorities) Not My Water Park
South Park is offending people yet again, but I think this song is pure awesome.

Jason Segel
The Swell Season perform a song with Jason Segel on 11-18-09. I just thought the guy was an actor?

Punch Out Rap
I used to love this video game, but I could never beat Tyson. I could get to him almost every time, but he always kicked my butt.

Penn State Blue Band Halftime Show
This was performed on 10-10-09 at the Eastern Illinois game.

I Want A Goat
This was a funny "I'm On A Boat" parody done for charity. For more information on the charity click HERE.

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