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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spintown Interviews... Dustin McLean

This is a new series for Spintown in which various dancers & singer/songwriters get interviewed. The people selected are people who use the internet as a tool to share their creativity. The other requirement is simple, but very subjective....I have to be a fan. It's broken up into 2 videos on YouTube since it's over 13 minutes in total length, but the entire interview can be found at Daily Motion. The video quality isn't as good at Daily Motion, so you should probably stick to the YouTube version. "BucketHat" Bobby Matheson did the opening animation for me, and Sammy Kablam created the music. Both these awesome guys are members of "Too Much Awesome". 2 images from Len Peralta were used in this video as well. The rest of the features for today are going to be some of my favorite projects that Dustin has been involved in. Future episodes are on the way featuring the likes of Sasha Young, Frank Bell, Jeff MacDougall & more...

Part 2
I'm going to keep an up to date playlist of all the interviews I do HERE.

Dustin's Profile:
Main Website: http://www.dustfilms.com/
YouTube Channel: DustoMcNeato
Joined YouTube: June 28, 2006
Channel Views: 324,750
Subscribers: 6,996

Literal Video Versions
1. Take On Me - The video that started the whole trend.
2. Head Over Heels - This is probably my second favorite of the bunch.

Super News 2 x 2
1. Ringtone
2. Emoticon War
3. Twouble With Twitters
4. The Evite Master

You Can't Tell Me (What To Do)
I featured this video when he first uploaded it, and thought it was great. Definately check it out if you haven't already.

"A tragic tale of love in the form of two stop-motion animated wire people. I wrote and started animating this in 2003 when I felt sadness for not being able to be with the girl I loved. The good news is I eventually DID end up marrying her and we are living happily ever after, but this animation was never finished. During the summer of 2007 I set out to finish it. The first 50 seconds are the original animation, everything else is new, and I composed the musical score." - YT video description.

This is a stop-motion/lip-sync video Dustin made for one of his original songs.

Galactic Invasion 20XX
"In this game as the player loses more and more life, various elements of the music stop playing until the song is completely gone." I liked this game, even though it's pretty tough, because I thought it was a cool way to use music in a game. CLICK HERE TO PLAY

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