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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bat Fight

Spintown News:
Some clips from the Michael Jackson movie "This Is It" have been popping up on YouTube. You can find a number of them on THIS channel. Here's a couple examples:
1. Man In The Mirror
2. Smooth Criminal

Bat Fight
Will Ferrell made a really funny music video recently, and you can get an audio download HERE.

Beach Flash Mob
Every time I see one of these videos I get mad that I couldn't be in it.

South Park Remix
Eric Cartman featuring Kenny & Kyle cover the Lady Gaga song "Poker Face".

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pole Dance
I love everything about JLH. I've watched everything she's done since she was little & on "Kids Incorporated". When "Ghost Whisperer" started I couldn't get into it, but this is going to force me to give it a second look.

Sittin On Tha Toilet
So this is how you go viral on YouTube?

Tina is back to making bad music videos on YouTube.

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