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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Cash

Spintown News:
I stayed up until 4AM waiting for Ken to post the 1st Song Fu 5 Challenge, along with the list of participants. He's not off to a good start as far as being prompt & making deadlines, but he finally got it done. Looks like the format will be the same as Song Fu 4, but I'm hoping the voting system is better (otherwise it'll be a joke). There's a lot of TMA members in the competition this time: Jason Morris, Edric Haleen, "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson, Russ Rogers (Godz Poodlz), Joe "Covenant" Lamb, Ian "2 Shades" Johnson, Sara Parsons & more. I'm also excited that I was able to get Jonathan Mann to join this time. You might know him as the Game Jew, seen his current project "Rocket Cookie Bottom" in which he's writting a song every day, or seen 1 of his various other web or TV projects. To view the complete list of challengers & find out what the first challenge is CLICK HERE. I'm hoping that more Song Fu contestants will sign up for "Too Much Awesome". I know we've already got 1 new member; Craig Richie.

Christmas Cash
Fred Figglehorn has a new music video....and I have a feeling I'm going to lose a lot of repeat viewers by posting this crap.

Flute + Videogame = Win
Cute nerd chicks rock, and this chick does it with a flute.

The Trooper
Jonathan Faganello covers an Iron Maiden tune on a harp.

Besides the Song Fu news, it's been a slow day on the superintertubes. You know what that means....it means I'm posting more musical clips from old movies & television. I'm going with my favorite singer of all time to start things off. In the first video Dean Martin & Ella Fitzgerald sing a purdy medley, and in the second Dean performs with The StepBros to show he used to be a hoofer as well.

Leslie Caron
This clip is from the 1952 movie "Glory Alley". The movie itself is incredibly bad, and this short clip is about the only part worth watching. It's the 1st or 2nd movie Leslie did after Gene Kelly discovered her, and put her in "An American In Paris".

Eleanor Powell
This clip is from the 1936 movie "Born To Dance". The movie isn't as bad as the previous one, but still not something I'd recommend. I didn't expect a fail with so much star power. Not only does the movie star Eleanor Powell, but it also stars a young James Stewart who sings & dances (badly) in the movie. Buddy Ebsen & Virginia Bruce are also cast members, but star power alone wasn't enough to make me want to see this again.

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