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Friday, November 6, 2009

I Love Lunch! The Musical

Spintown News:
Couple things to mention real quick: 1. There's a new batch of songs over at Song Fight for peope to check out. I'll try to have my review up for the Saturday blog.

2. The song a day section will now be featuring some VideoSongs as well. In the not too distant past, VideoSongs were new & cool. They're still cool, but tons of people are doing them now. Some of the more complex VideoSongs (like the Pomplamoose video below) will still get featured by it's self. However VideoSongs that have a kick ars song, but really don't require the same level of video editing will be in the "Songs Of The Day" section along with other people singing to their cameras. It's just a matter of me having too much to feature. I can't give every VideoSong 1 of the 7 features for the day & still have room for the other type of videos. I'd just include more features everyday, but then people seem to think it's too much. Page takes too long to load, blog looks too cluttered, etc... If you've got suggestions feel free to comment, but for now this is how things will be.

3. To give you an idea of how much time goes into this blog here's how long I spent on it today. 1 hour & 10 minutes looking for videos & after I found all the videos for today another 45 mintues to type, edit, post & tweet. Seems easy, and it is, but extremely time consuming. Anytime I'm online I keep my eye out for blog material to. I subscribe to almost 500 channels on YouTube alone. I check College Humor, Break, Metacafe, Digg, Gorrila Mask, Phun, various blogs & scan Twitter. Following people like @RockingJamboree & other musicians helps me find a lot of stuff.

I Love Lunch! The Musical
I'm begging you, please someone do one of these within driving distance. I want to be a part of one & SING!

Beat It
Pomplamoose take on a classic Michael Jackson song for their latest VideoSong.

Insane Japanese Song Explains World Politics
I might have to ask Sasha Young to translate this video. Even though I didn't understand it, I still thought it was awesome.

Obama Does Thriller
Even though I'm definately to the right, I didn't mind this video poking fun at FOX News. Heck even I know FOX is just a club the right uses to beat on the left with. What bothers me is that people pick on FOX because of that, and hardly ever trash "news" organizations like MSNBC for being on the left. (which they are, just as much as FOX is on the right)

Album Medley
Hank sings a medley of his new alblum while you get to look at cool pictures from SharkeyeJones. If you like the artwork, go check out my video "Internet People 2". (check upper sidebar) SharkeyeJones did the artwork for that video as well.

Mambo Dog
Normally I don't like the "dancing/singing pet" videos, but this dog has more skills then I do.

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