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Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Sign Dancer

This guy took his dull job, and turned it into an art.

Julia Nunes decided to feature a bunch of her fans in her latest video. If you pay close attention you'll see Wade Johnston, Lauren Fairweather, Jack Conte & Nataly Dawn.

Eighth Wonder
This is the latest music video from Lemon Demon.

Lost In Space
It was such a slow day that I didn't even include a "Song Of The Day" section. Hopefully this will tide you over awhile.

You You You
This is probably the most annoying song Tay Zonday has ever sang. I like Tay, but this was hard to listen to.

2 Blondes, 1 Web Cam
You know it gets old writing video descriptions for girls shaking their asses....so just watch.

Laser Engraver Plays Mario Theme
Just when you think you've heard every possible type of cover for a videogame tune...

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