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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dance Collaboration

Spintown News:
Well I turned 30 yesterday....kinda sucks. Your 20's are supposed to be awesome, but mine was disappointing & dull. I can't imagine how much my 30's will suck. Has anyone guessed that I'm not an optimist?

Dance Collaboration
My favorite YouTube dancer 'kyaaakya' put this dance collab together to Morning Musume's song "Songs".

The Climb
Nick Pitera covers the most over done Miley Cyrus song of the year.

Piano Phase
Peter Aidu takes a stab at performing this Steve Reich classic.

Dancing Kid
In 15 years this kid will be the guy grinding on your girlfriend because you're too white, uncoordinated & shy to hit the dance floor at the clubs.

Shatner Of The Mount
This isn't as good as the classic "Rocketman" video, but it's a funny remix nonetheless.

Let's Go Surfing
This music video for "The Drums" was directed by the guy who does the "DaveyDanceBlog".

Lookin' Kittie
It's an old parody video, but I've run across it twice this week. So I figured I'd feature it for old times sake.

Cirque Dreams: Illumination Promo
Robert Muraine on FOX Channel 12 "The Rhodes Show".

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