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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vegetables That Look Like Penises

This is the second day in a row the blog title involves a penis...that's a strange first.

Here's the latest VideoSong from Jack Conte.

She Wolf
ijustine recently posted this Shakira spoof on YouTube.

The Worst Song Ever
The Black Eyed Peas recently wrote a song that shows why I hate popular music today.

This Is The Best Burrito I've Ever Eaten
I wish I could get Parry Gripp to write a theme song for Spintown.

Fannie Mae
This is Grandpa Elliott playing live in LA with the Playing For Change band.

It's A Candy Bra
Zipster, as Loco Mama, sings a disturbing song for us.

Here's another video from the concert Brittany Lee Ann recently did for her great grandmother. CLICK HERE for her cover of "Dance With My father".

The Kind Of Song You'd Hear In A B-Movie Noir From The 90's
Jonathan Mann really needs to do a better job with this songs name, it's too long.

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