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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She's Got A Penis

Peter Coffin recently made a parody of the song "She's A Genius".

Muse Knights Of Cydonia
Here's an interesting acapella cover.

I Gotta Feeling
ijustine did a Black Eyed Peas spoof about profile pictures.

Brass In Pocket
Brittany Lee Ann recently put on a concert for her great grandmother. Lucky for us she recorded the show, and posted videos on YouTube. CLICK HERE for her cover of "White Horse".

Black Hamster
Nobody writes music about cute animals as well as Parry Gripp.

Monkey Shines - ASL Song
Here's another Jonathan Coulton song done in ASL.

A Renegade Cabaret On The Fire Escape
I like mememolly & I like Rocketboom, but recently the only Rocketboom episodes I like are the ones in which there's no mememolly.

Pop Waffle Vol. 30:
Even though she didn't use my answer this time, Pop Waffle is still the best way to get your pop culture news.

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