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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good Morning Internet

Spintown News:
The completed video for the other animated version of "Internet People 2" was sent to me today. I requested 2 small changes that shouldn't take long to fix. I'll post it asap when I get those fixes.

Good Morning Internet
I recently subscribed to a YouTuber that goes by spoonbank. I saw this video yesterday, and laughed my ars off in parts. It's like "Internet People", meets WOW, meets your local renaissance fair. Here's the MP3 Download Link, and a Behind The Scenes look at the filming.

Love Story (Remix)
This music was arranged by Jon Schmidt, and it's the best cover of the Taylor Swift song I've heard to date.

YouTube Doubler
YouTube Doubler is a website I wish more YouTubers would take advantage of. Just follow the instructions below; step by step. Or click this LINK, after you preload both videos.
YouTube Doubler

This video gets better after 48 seconds, but don't skip ahead.

I'm On A Boat
The Navy is on a boat...but aren't they always?

Ponyo On A Boat
Never saw the cartoon, but it's a funny mash up nonetheless.

Coolest CD Case Ever
I think having a built in theremin ultimatically makes it the best ever.

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