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Monday, September 21, 2009


Tom is just lucky everyone is busy making Kanye memes right now. This is bad enough to become a meme as well.

Total Eclipse Of The Heart
If you're a fan of this Only Men Aloud video featuring Bonnie Tyler, then you'll love the LEGO version.

Meet The Elements
One terrible memory I still have from science class, is when I had to learn all the elements. This song from They Might Be Giants could have been helpful back then.

Out Of Time
This parkour video involves a lot of dance, and dance-like movements. These guys are just incredible movers.

Hot Violin Girls
Any skill set is enhanced simply by being hot while doing said skill set. Don't believe me? Just watch this System Of A Down cover then.

Super Mario Brothers Theme Gone Metal
It's not just a cool cover, but it's a funny animation as well.

My Wheaton
Jonathan Coulton changes his "My Monkey" song to "Wil Wheaton". You'll see Paul & Storm as well as Molly Lewis (TMA member) in the video as well.

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