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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"This Is It" Official Movie Trailer

Spintown News:
Unless you're blind & deaf you've heard about the whole Kenya West / Taylor Swift thing. I was thrilled to see the reaction of not just the people at the MTV awards show, but the public on YouTube, Twitter & elsewhere. This time I can only hope that people will remember what type of douchebag Mr. West really is. It's not like this is the first time he's done something so ignorant & mean. Honestly I can't see how anyone can call themselves a fan of this man.

"This Is It" Official Movie Trailer
I'm definately going to see this in theaters. It's one more chance to see Michael Jackson, so on October 28 I'll be watching him on the big screen.

Michael Jackson Dance Painting
This is a great way to celebrate the up coming Michael Jackson moive.

Julia Nunes teams up with an odd pair for her latest cover. Jake & Amir bring the funny wherever they go.

Dance Moves That Rock (15 Years Later...)
Remember the fairly recent viral video of the redheaded kid who dances like there's no tommorrow? If not, watch THIS first, then the video below.

Here Come The Guns
This ain't a bad song from Choo Choo la Rouge, but the video is awesome.

Today's Booty
You guys don't mind me using these booty videos as filler do you? I didn't think so...

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