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Monday, September 14, 2009

Song Fight Reviews x3

I've been extremely lazy about doing my Song Fight updates. Mainly because most of the songs suck, and I hate listening to 20 bad songs to find a few decent ones. However I finally forced myself to listen to all the songs from the past 3 challenges. So I'll give you what in my opinion is the best of the bunch below.

Sometimes It's Hard To Keep Yourself Moving: (Winner: The Howling Monkeys)
1. Crank Radio
2. forkbomb
3. Howling Monkeys
4. Sockpuppet
Not Too Bad: Berkeley Social Scene - Crack My Jaw

Back To The Well: (Winner: Cock)
1. Cock
2. King Arthur (loved the message of this song)
3. Crack My Jaw
4. Ross Durand
Not Too Bad: The Hell Yeahs - Jon Eric & Friends

Nothing Is Everything: (Winner: DuToVa)
1. King Arthur
2. i.p.
3. Kasper
4. Ross Durand
Not Too Bad: Pig Farmer Jr.

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