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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day And Night

Spintown News:
The up coming brentalfloss CD sounds better & better the more I hear about it. The coolest thing I've heard is shown in THIS YouTube video though. Apparently "Good Example" (the song about yours truly) will be included on the CD. I'm so happy I almost forgot to post these boobies.
Day And Night
"The Apple Store Kid" just made his first collab video on YouTube. They grow up so fast...

I Gotta Feeling
I hate the song, but respect the amount of work that went into this lip dub. On September 10, 2009, 172 communication students spent 2 hours & 15 minutes making this video.

Almost As Beautiful As Me
I probably tweeted this link out before anyone since I subscribe to the White Gold YouTube channel, and saw the video as it popped into my subscriptions. The White Gold MOVIE TRAILER looks awesome as well...in a totally goofy & nerdy way at least.

Do you remember the guy I featured who danced to the Taylor Swift song "Love Story"? CLICK HERE if you don't, but this is his dance group, and they're awesome. This video is from the finals of the World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2009.

Olympia WA
You're probably used to seeing Hank Green videos on this blog, but today you get Katherine Green singing a Rancid cover.

High School Sucks (The Musical)
Nalts & WifeOfNalts decided to sing for us today.

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