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Monday, September 28, 2009

All The Single Babies

Spintown News:
A few people have asked where I get all the videos I feature. It's rather dull, but I'll attempt to write up a detailed schedule of my video hunting routine in the next couple days.

All The Single Babies
Saw this a few days back, but had other videos I liked more. However it's getting a ton of attention on the web, so I decided to feature it today.

Frasier Theme Song Backwards
As with the first video, I've been sitting on this for a few days.

Jolly Good Fun
NSG teams up with ortoPilot for this original song.

Hot And Cold Lip Sync
These to girls did an alright job with this lip sync video, but a lack of personality in the performance keeps the video from being great. I feel like a judge on "So You Think You Can Dance".

Manic Monday
Kata Hay teams up with Logan Murrell to cover a song from The Bangles.

I'm Through With Love
It's been a slow day on the super-inter-world-tubes so I'm posting another classic moment from a movie musical I recently watched. This is Bobby Van singing & dancing a great number from "The Affairs Of Dobie Gillis" 1953. This was recently on TMC, and you should watch it if you've got the chance. It also features the great dancer Bob Fosse, and a sexy Debbie Reynolds. CLICK HERE FOR The Movie Trailer

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