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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye's Swift Apology

Billy Reid made this video, and the lyrics are Kanye's apology..VERBATIM. Mike Lombardo showed me this video while we were in the TMA chat room a couple hours ago. See link in the side bar for TMA info -->

Party In The USA (ASL cover)
Stephen Torrence is amazing in these videos. He made me forget that I hate Miley Cyrus for just over 3 minutes.

Peter Coffin takes on a Creed song with his latest spoof/parody.

Bacon Is Good For Me (Remix)
This is a great remix of a currently hot viral video. (Original Video)

Fire Burning
Nicholi has taken the lip sync world by storm, and this Sean Kingston cover is great. Not only is his performance up there with the best of the best, but he takes it to a new level by doing it in public. You need to watch his videos twice. The first time watch him, the second time watch the people in the background. CLICK HERE FOR Shinedown - Sound Of Madness

FTW (For The Win)
Even though Nicholi is currently getting a lot of press, moymoypalaboy mastered the art of lip sync long ago.

Inspector Gadget With Beer
This guy plays the Inspector Gadget theme song on beer bottles. He definately earned my pocket change...that is if I had any money.

Booty, Booty & More Booty
If you like this booty, I've got 2 more links featuring the same booty. Link #1 & Link #2

Mr. Sandman
Kelly Rose is a fan of The Chordettes like myself. However she has something called talent, which allowed her to make this video.

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