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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Gift To The Game

Leroy Smith has a new kickars music video. I love it when 2 things I love come together...basketball & music.

Mandelbrot Set
This music video was made by Pisut Wisessing, and the song is by Jonathan Coulton.

Fuck You Bitch Ass Niggas
Reh Dogg has a new music video out.

Truth In Advertising
Yesterday Jonathan Mann used his girlfriend Ivory in his "Song A Day". He wrote this for some contest, and I think it's a winner.

Tan Line Booty
Felt like posting a booty video today...I'm sure you won't mind.

Everything In The World Is Made Of Cheese
I haven't posted anything from beardyman in awhile. Hopefully this very long video makes up for it.

Hardly Working: LFO
LFO doesn't actually sing or dance in this College Humor clip. I'm posting it because LFO sent me a message on MySpace when I mentioned them in the blog about a year ago. So I'm just seeing if I get another message, also it's a funny video.

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