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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Television Crime Shows Suck

Hank Green wrote a song about "the plot to every television crime drama summarized in a two-minute song."

The Book Of Right-On
Joel Cathey uploaded a new cover/VideoSong, and it's a Joanna Newsom song he did with Faith Hefty.

Super Mario Theme
Jack Shenker did a great cover with mallets. By the way, he's a member of Too Much Awesome just like me.

Set To Fail (Smooth Jazz Version)
This is a great version of this Lamb Of God song, which was engineered & mixed by Hao Lam.

Jun "Press Play" Embers did the choreo for this short video.

Rock Star
I found this Nickelback barbershop quartet video thanks to SAMMY KABLAM over at Too Much Awesome. Just don't tell Mike Lombardo that he posted this in the chat room.

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