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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Truth About Toad

Spintown News:
If you want Len Peralta to turn you into a cartoon, then you should check out FlipFace. I recently did, and love mine. CLICK HERE to get your own.

The Truth About Toad
For the latest WITH LYRICS video, brentalfloss took on a Mario Brothers 2 theme.

Pop Waffle Music Video
Erika Brooks Adickman collabed with David Seger to make this cool music video.

Know Your Meme: Where The Hell Is Matt
One of my favorite internet dancers gets the Know Your Meme treatment.

Felix Cane
This girl from the California Pole Dance Championship is amazing.

Roy G Biv
I really like the fact that They Might Be Giants is doing all these edutainment music videos.

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