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Friday, October 23, 2009

I Like To Tinker

Liam Kyle Sullivan made me pee myself just a little with this music video.

I Cried At Where The Wild Things Are
"Where The Wild Things Are" inspired Peter Coffin to rap.

You Gotta Love This City
You gotta love this music video for being such an epic fail.

Lashes To Riches
This is Jonathan Mann's entry into the Lash Allure MD contest. I normally don't like the contest videos much, but this one was funny.

At The Codfish Ball
Slow day, so I'm throwing in a clip of a movie I watched yesterday. This is a great Shirley Temple number from the 1936 movie "Captain January". If you didn't recognize him, that's Buddy Ebsen (Jed from the "Beverly Hillbillies") dancing & singing with her.

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