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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Is It

Spintown News:
The big news since I last posted is that Michael Jackson's song "This Is It" was released online. CLICK HERE to give it a listen. I'll admit that I teared up a little as I listened.

YouTube was buggy all day for me, so I didn't find much to blog about. My channel might be a little buggy because I just switched it over to the new format. So I don't know how long my channel will be buggy. I'm including some of my favorite musical moments from TV & film since I'm short on the normal content today. I would like to mention that the "Best Of The Rest" section is extremely good today.

This Is It
There will probably be a lot of "This Is It" covers to come out during the next month or 2. This is the first one I found, and ScribbleTunes does a nice job.

Make 'em Laugh
"In this Gene Kelly TV Special, Donald O'Connor performs a version of his famous "Make 'em Laugh" dance number from 1952's "Singin' In The Rain". The only thing is, it's a different song! (This time called, "Smile, Darn You, Smile"). Also featured is Hal Smith (later "Otis the drunk" from The Andy Griffith Show). First broadcast October 16, 1960."

Lullaby (Rock-a-bye baby)
This is classic Virginia O'Brien from the Marx Brothers movie "The Big Store". She was famous for keeping that blank frozen face while the most incredible sounding voice belted out. Miss Frozen Face could melt my heart anytime she wanted.

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