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Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 Girls 1 Gabe

Spintown News:
I had seen previews of the new TV show "The League", but I hadn't planned on watching it even though I'm into fantasy football. When I saw that Jon Lajoie was going to be in it, I changed my mind about watching.

If you don't watch "So You Think You Can Dance", you should. The season 6 competition just got started so it's not too late to start this season. I do have a complaint about this weeks show I want to get off my chest though. It's a joke that you put Russell Ferguson in the bottom 2 this week, but that's not my biggest complaint. After watching Ariana DeBose this week, I know she deserved to be in the bottom 2. But you have 1 female dancer who was injured, and couldn't dance. So why on earth send someone home who at least performed? It's a big flaw in your show to allow stuff like that to happen. If you don't dance, you shouldn't be allowed to move on to the next round. Noelle Marsh is a fine dancer, and I hate to see anyone lose because of an injury, but it isn't right to allow someone else to go home when she did NOTHING.

2 Girls 1 Gabe
This is something I threw together from an old project I did with Kim Tran & Sheila Pacariem. Gabe Bondoc uploaded half of a duet, and asked for fans to upload the other half as a video response. Well I looked through all the responses & decided to ask Kim & Sheila to record another video each. Only this time they did it without background noise or music so I could have them sing with Gabe on YouTube Doubler. (MORE INFO) If I had better software I could have done a much better job with this video. If the audio is a little wonky, it's because it's been converted a couple times, and of course YouTube isn't audio friendly.

The Return Of Gary Brolsma
The Numa Numa guy is now conducting marching bands?

Greatest Mascot Dance of All Time
I don't think the video lives up to it's title, but it's definately funny.

For Orchestra #15
This time Walt Ribeiro takes on the song "Kids" by MGMT.

YouTrax TV: Episode 27
I give YouTrax a hard time when I don't like the guest for the show. However I think I'm pretty fair about giving them props when they do get some talent on the show. This show features Holly Kirby, and it didn't take long for me to fall for her music.

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  1. Another great collection of videos. Holly Kirby is very appealing. It was also fun to see 4 TMA videos (really, five counting the one you produced) featured on the same day!