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Friday, March 13, 2009

White Wedding: Literal Video Version

This trumps anything Billy Idol ever did when he was famous.

Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute
ParryGripp is at it again.

"My Pussy is Hangin' Out" Song
Petter Coffin didn't waste any time in making fun of Britney.

Like A Prayer
I think YouTuber 'gary42484' is going to supply Spintown with a lot of laughs in the future. I subscribed after watching this video.

Best Of The Rest:

1. 3 guys, 6 keyboards & a lot of cool. CLICK HERE FOR 80s Synth Medley

2. Frankly I like Mario music a lot better, but a Zelda tune once in awhile is alright. CLICK HERE FOR Wind Waker Unplugged

3. AJ Rafael sings a Gabe Bondoc cover. CLICK HERE FOR Gentlemen Don't

4. This link proves that the NES was the golden age of gaming & music. CLICK HERE FOR 8-Bit Rap Goodness

5. This is the coolest link I've found this year. CLICK HERE FOR iDaft

6. 17 year old Alicia Clifton dances like an angel. CLICK HERE FOR Siren

7. It seems like this guy gets on Jap TV all the time. CLICK HERE FOR Zack Kim

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