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Sunday, March 15, 2009

BuynHold Rhapsody

Came across this on Twitter. I knew there was a reason I spent so much time on Twitter.

Marriott Cock Squat (Dragon*Con edition)
If you're into furries, comics, and dressing up...this was probably made for you.

Robert Muraine On Superstars Of Dance
Robert performing the 2nd solo for the USA on Superstars Of Dance Season 1.

Father & Friend
This is a moving song by Alain Clark. I know it's not new, and I've seen it before as well. I happened across it again today, and it made me tear up a little so I'm featuring it.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Tommy Knox does a medley of 12 different popular songs. CLICK HERE FOR The Super Medley

2. Well here's Steve Wozniak on Dancing With The Stars. Lets hope he gets the nerd vote in mass. CLICK HERE FOR Dance 1

3. I loved this Röyksopp music video. CLICK HERE FOR Happy Up Here

4. Here's a Star Trek remix for all you trekkies out there. CLICK HERE FOR Classical Concerto

5. Maybe this video will help you more then me. I still can't do any of it. CLICK HERE FOR Dance Lesson

6. It's Time For Your Weekly Music Lesson With Walt...Ribeiro. CLICK HERE FOR Double Stops

7. Here's an 'I Get Money' spoof. CLICK HERE FOR I Sneeze Money

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