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Monday, March 16, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Spintown News:
I know 'Pain For Laughs 21' was supposed to be posted today. I did finish the video, but haven't added the opening sequence or credits yet. I've got work & a school project to work on today, so I won't have time to finish it until Tuesday evening. So it looks like a Wednesday upload now. Sorry, if I hadn't taken an hour to watch Breaking Bad tonight I might have been able to finish. It's still coming...an soon...

That's not the only bad news for today. If you're a Rat Pack fan you'll be sad to hear that the widow of Sammy Davis Jr. passed away yesterday. CLICK HERE for more details. My best wishes go out to her family & friends.

Made some banners & stuff the other day for the blog. Here's one, and I posted one on the right side of the blog yesterday.

Short BOTR today, cause I stayed up too late editing PFL21.

Let Them Eat Cake
Nataly Dawn has the sexiest voice ever.

Lion Sleeps Tonight
Two Blokes, Two Ukes do a nice ukulele cover.

John Daker Sings On American Idol
This is one of my favorite remixes of a classic meme.

Michael Jackson THIS IS IT Concert
I know the guy is a nut case who has probably done some very sick terrible things. That still doesn't stop me from getting excited about a live show. The guy sings & dances like no other.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's a new Brittney Spears remix. CLICK HERE FOR My Pussy Is Hanging Out

2. Before you even ask, I don't know why he's dancing like that. CLICK HERE FOR Zebra Dancing Part II

3. Here's a solo contemporary routine choreographed by Billy Larson, and performed by Teddy Tedholm. CLICK HERE FOR All Dressed Up

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