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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Breakfast Song

What would we do without public television?

YouTuber 'daniellesmagic' does an entertaining cover of TLC. The Left Eye solo is by far the best part.

Wipe Out!
Why haven't I heard of Spring Street Ruckus before now?

Bears Don't Dig On Dancing
No more Tim Minchin after today. Well at least for a little while, I think I've posted everything of his online at this point.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Any regulars here will know I go through fads once in awhile. Mario Brothers music, classical dance, lip dubs, etc... Currently I've been gettin' my fill of Boogie Woogie on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR Cow Cow Blues This guy is great, I might see if he'll participate in a couple YouTube projects I have in mind.

2. My second favorite instrument that I never learned to play has to be the accordion. YouTuber 'lichiarenz' sent me a link to his most recent video yesterday. CLICK HERE FOR Musetta

3. Ana Free covers David Archuleta. CLICK HERE FOR A Little Too Not Over You

4. This is a mattress promotion rap, produced for a family furniture business, set to O.P.P. Can you tell that it was made in the 80's? CLICK HERE FOR Furniture Rap

5. Bob Thompson (AKA drinkingwithbob) parodied Chris Brown recently. CLICK HERE FOR Beat You

6. Bailey Krouse, Bridget Krouse & Julia Terstriep preform a great dance routine. CLICK HERE FOR Lyrical Jazz Trio

7. One last Tim Minchin song. CLICK HERE FOR If You Really Loved Me

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