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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nicklas The Nerd

Spintown News:
I wrote most of this blog in advance about a month ago, just in case I needed something quick. I'm currently slammed with work, so this will have to do for today. All the videos are dance related, and the BOTR is mostly lyrical routines.

I don't really like the show America's Got Talent, but once in awhile they do have a good act. It seems like the rest of the world has more talent though, since I usually find more videos I like from other countries. Today I've got 3 videos for a dancer called 'Nicklas The Nerd', and a second video of the robot dancers I linked to awhile back.

Nicklas The Nerd #1

Nicklas The Nerd #2

Nicklas The Nerd #3

Robot Dancers #2

Best Of The Rest:

1. 15 year old Kaitlynn Edgar doing a solo lyrical routine. CLICK HERE FOR Captivated

2. Mandy Moore, Kara Anderson, and Joe Meyer choreographed a great group routine. CLICK HERE FOR Images

3. This is a good lyrical routine by 11 year old Shaye Gunter. CLICK HERE FOR Fly

4. This group lyrical routine was choreographed by Jeff Boss & Jamie Wardrop. CLICK HERE FOR River

5. Props for the choreo by Glen Meynardie. CLICK HERE FOR Changed

6. For a 13 year old Hayden Stark owns this lyrical solo. CLICK HERE FOR Boston

7. Somebody apparently forgot the tripod. If you can over look the terrible camera work this is a solid routine. CLICK HERE FOR Blue Skies


  1. what is the song on secodn video at 1.1o min...please tell me!!!!

  2. If I knew I would tell you. I guess you'll just have to put some of the lyrics into google or something. Sorry.