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Monday, March 9, 2009

Pain For Laughs 21 (Preview)

Spintown News:
The first featured video is just a preview of the next Pain For Laughs video. You'll hear the new opening theme, and a small part of the original song created by rehdogg just for my video. If anyone is interested in making an animated opening for the series let me know. This is just a preview of the new original music basically, the final video will be posted next Sunday or Monday.

Pain For Laughs 21 (Preview)
Remember I need an animated opening if anyone is interested. You'll be credited whenever it's used.

3-2= FU 2
I'd love to see rehdogg vs Denny Blaze in a YouTube rap battle.

Alone In The Universe
Jon Lajoie is funny 99% of the time, and this isn't the 1% he's not.

I Want Asians
Remember the guy that sang about Rick Moranis? Well apparently he sings about Asian chicks as well.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I've been hooked on Tim Minchin lately as you've probably noticed. CLICK HERE FOR Some People Have It Worse Then Me

2. This is a pretty good song from Ernie & The Automatics. CLICK HERE FOR The Good Times (Never Last)

3. One of my favorite YouTubers decided to start a new channel & change her name to something people could actually say. Here's the first video uploaded to 'DxDutch'. CLICK HERE FOR Wanna Be With You

4. Dustin McLean & Adena Atkins sing a song about the frustration of being a Siamese Twin. CLICK HERE FOR Attached To You

5. If you didn't watch Rob Martino in the latest episode of YouTrax, here's the original upload of the song he performed. CLICK HERE FOR One Cloud

6. This is a pretty good routine, but they could be hitting it harder. CLICK HERE FOR Micah Cox & Svetlana Iskhakov

7. This is for 'MoranisLover' on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR Chinese Girl Tap Dance

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