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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Song Fu 3: Round 2 Picks

Spintown News:
Today you guys get my top picks for Round 2 of Song Fu 3. My #1 song is featured today, and the rest are in the BOTR. It was clear that most writers struggled a bit with the challenge of only using 10 words. There was a lot of very creative problem solving this round, even if most of the songs weren't that great. CLICK HERE to download all the songs from Round 2, and vote on your favorites.

I Know
My favorite song from Round 2 of Song Fu 3 is Hank Green's entry. Luck for us he also made a little video for us.

Unconventional Dance Moves 2
Brandon Hardesty AKA ArtieTSMITW teamed up with Edbassmaster for a sequel of an old video. I've got to try a few of those moves.

ShamWow Song
Leave it to RhettandLink to make this annoying TV ad entertaining.

Sherman With A Balloon
ParryGripp writes the best 1 minute diddys...

Best Of The Rest:

1. Edric Haleen Extreme Mad-Libs

2. Insane Ian Consortium Of Comprehension

3. Mick Bordet What Is Wrong

4. Mike Lombardo Sandwich Girl (Lunchtime Lovestory)

5. Jeff MacDougall Free Love

6. Audiomohel Greasy Bacon

7. Jeff Fardink I Forgot The Words Blues

1 comment:

  1. the only thing better than the ShamWow is the Shamwow song...