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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Twitter Song (Do the Twitter Dance)

Cool song & silly dance by Chris Thompson.

Krumpty Dumpty
This is a funny parody movie trailer.

Reggie Watts
Here's another cool live preformance on POPTUB.

Something To Believe
I really liked the last David Choi video.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Looks like they're now letting the public dance with the dancing inmates. I wonder if they had to pay to do that? CLICK HERE FOR Just Can't Get Enough

2. Here's the most recent song from Hank Green. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Not Edward Cullen: A Song

3. Here's a little from YouTuber 'ArshaAsteraki'. CLICK HERE FOR Micah B. Rap Contest

4. As long as I still get videogame music...it's cool with me. CLICK HERE FOR Screwattack Gets Flossed

5. YouTuber 'TiffanyJoAllen' does a Jason Mraz cover. CLICK HERE FOR The Remedy ( I Won't Worry)

6. I can juggle a few balls with 2 or 1 hand, even bounce them off walls & such, but this looks cooler. CLICK HERE FOR Contact Juggling

7. 12 year old Megan Wagner can really dance. CLICK HERE FOR God's Creatures

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