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Friday, February 27, 2009

Wonder Girls (dance cover)

Spintown News:
Anyone have any good suggestions for getting a song copyrighted? Looking for cheap & easy...much like the girls willing to go out with me.

Nobody - Wonder Girls
YouTuber 'kyaaakya' made a nice little dance video to a song I've been hooked on.

Come Back Over
YouTuber 'ReinaDelCid' is getting pretty popular, but I don't know anything about her. I recently subscribed, and plan on checking out her channel. Based on this original song I think it'll be worth my while.

Electric Feel Pole Dance
I haven't posted a stripper pole video in awhile that hasn't been someone falling down or some stupid guy. Here's how a stripper pole is supposed to be used.

Steeler Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
As a Bengals fan I can't say I like the Steelers, but I will admit to respecting them.

Best Of The Rest:

1. For those of you who think the only type of dance I enjoy includes breakers, pole dances or hot chicks in front of a web cam you're terribly mistaken. Here's a cool lyrical routine I ran across just the other day. CLICK HERE FOR Hayden Stark

2. If you liked that lyrical routine, then check this one out. CLICK HERE FOR Heather Kelly

3. It's time for some Dino. I plan on converting the entire internet into Dean Martin fans eventually. CLICK HERE FOR What's Yesterday

4. They claim this is the best wedding toast ever, but I like the one I posted a couple weeks ago better. CLICK HERE FOR Amy's Song

5. Some people may be impressed with this, but after 7 years of piano lessons I think the money was wasted. CLICK HERE FOR Paws Playing Piano

6. You know 99% of the people who have watched this instantly had flash backs from watching The Price Is Right. CLICK HERE FOR Grandma Stair Yodel

7. These kids can really rock. CLICK HERE FOR Gauchos

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