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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Example

Spintown News:
Alright the post you've all been waiting for...well at least the post I've been waiting for. Brent Black finished the song about me, and yesterday he uploaded the video to go along with it. He uses some colorful language in the video, but since I wanted a clean song he made a G rated version as well. I hope you enjoy both, and subscribe to both of his YouTube channels: brentalfloss & FlossOriginals

You may notice I changed a few things around here at Spintown. I took down the list of the Spintown All-Stars & some of my favorite links. Those items will now have their own page, and are linked to on the right. I'll also be working on a couple of other pages soon. For instance a page for my Internet Dance videos & an About Spintown page. I think I'll keep the blog set to display only 1 post at a time for awhile, let me know how you like that change. My reasoning behind the change is that I want this site to be as simple as possible. No advertising, no wasted images or junk displayed and I want the site to load quickly for everyone. I put up a new Header & Banner featuring different people. If you're the first person to post a message here naming all the people in the Header I'll feature one of your videos here at Spintown.

Good Example

Lemme tell you all about a guy you don't know, yo
My straight up mate up in the state of O-hi-o, yo
A real swell dude with a good attitude
He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke and he's never ever rude

He's a teacher, glad to meet-cha and he plays him some b-ball
Degree in PE, he knows the way to be, y'all
He's competitive, ahead of it, he'll never retreat
But he always shakes hands after win or defeat

He's a good example
(He's a good example bitch.)
Teaches discipline and personal responsibility, HO!
He's a good example
(He's a good example bitch.)
He's got a better set of etiquette than you or me, so...

You don't wanna mess, his best will put you to the test
He's super-fast, he'll kick your ass at Mario Kart DS
So if you wanna play a master, just give him a jingle
He's stable, strong and able, and ladies: he's single

He don't need bling, he don't carry no glocks
He don't need to lift weights, he's good right outta the box,
From the chocolate locks to his fresh gym socks
I'm his number one fan, this dude fuckin' rocks

He's a good example
(He's a good example bitch.)
Teaches integral & critical decision making sucka,
He's a good example
(He's a good example bitch.)
And he'd never say something like fuck you mothafucka

He likes
Board games
The rat pack
The A-team

Rainbow Six
Young MC
And apparently ME!

He's a good example
(He's a good example bitch.)
He's a credit to society and takes a moral stance, HO
He's a good example
(He's a good example bitch.)
And if you're really lucky you might get to see him dance, yo.

Good Example (G-rated Radio Edit)

Best Of The Rest:

There is no BOTR today. I just want everyone to check out the 2 features & subscribe to Brent. Monday I've already got a full post typed up for you, including the best songs from round 1 of Song Fu 3.

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