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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guitar: Impossible

I thought this was pretty cool, and it's been popular this week on YouTube.

YouTrax: Juliet Weybret
It's official, I'm hooked on this show. I'll link to the original video/song they used in the episode in the BOTR section below.

I Believe
I really liked this song by Andrew White.

Stripper Pole
A stripper pole is a terrible thing to waste...I'm glad this girl knows that.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's the original song from YouTuber 'JulietOriginals' before YouTrax helped her out. CLICK HERE FOR Out Of The Blue

2. Nothing has been bigger then David this week on the internet. There's already remixes popping up. CLICK HERE FOR David After Dentist Remix

3. This is the coolest guinea pig I've ever seen. CLICK HERE FOR The Guinea Pig Rap!

4. YouTuber 'Ukuleleric' uploaded another great cover recently. CLICK HERE FOR Valerie

5. This dancer does a pretty good job of explaining how to wave, and shows a few variations to the typical wave. CLICK HERE FOR Learn To Wave

6. I collected all the referenced videos from the popular Dan Meth video titled 'Internet People' that were still available on YouTube. Then I made a playlist of those videos in the correct order. A couple videos weren't available, but I linked to something that related to it at least. So if you didn't get all the references in 'Internet People' when you first saw the video, here's your chance to get in the loop.CLICK HERE FOR Internet People: A Look Back

7. Marina Orlova (aka HotForWords) gives us a little music history lesson. CLICK HERE FOR Grammys

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