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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Highschool Teaches Pole Dancing

Some school in the UK invited a pole dancer to do a demonstration for its students. Nearly 1000 students, ranging in ages 14-19, watched the demonstration. How stupid can school administrators be, somebody should be fired over something like that.

The Jonesboro High School Dance Team Get Suspended
I didn't do any digging into this story, but hopefully the whole team did get suspended. In my opinion the coach should also be fired. If the A.D. was also in the gym when this happened he should be fired for not stopping the whole thing.

2 Booty Dance Or Not To Booty Dance
Besides the obvious reason as to why I'm posting this video, I'm also posting it because it's a little disturbing. Listen in the background and it sounds like young children in the background. Couldn't these girls have picked a better time to film their assets? I just noticed that today's post is mostly stupid kids & school administrators. This post seriously saddens me a little.

Lydia The Tattooed Lady
The Marx Brothers were some of my favorite comedians. Their work can still make me lol, and this clip from 'At the Circus' is one of my favorite Groucho moments. Finally something not depressing...

Best Of The Rest:

1. This kid isn't even cute, just annoying. CLICK HERE FOR Scotdisk

2. A relative of mine is a bit of a country singer, and I happened across his MySpace page today. Give it a look if you're into country. CLICK HERE FOR Alan Langworthy

3. This hot chick wants to know which of these pole dance routines is the best. Do your good deed for the day, and give her your opinion. CLICK HERE FOR Pole Dance #1

4. Here's her other routine. I had a hard time picking, so I think I'll watch them both again. CLICK HERE FOR Pole Dance #2

5. Mens Ensemble sing the above Groucho Marx song. CLICK HERE FOR Lydia

6. Here's the Muppet version of the song. CLICK HERE FOR Lydia

7. Gabe Bondoc finally uploaded another cover. CLICK HERE FOR So Fly

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