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Saturday, April 30, 2011

YouTube Treasure Hunt #23

If you don't know how these hunts work, you can find the RULES <-- here. In short, this is the one time of the month I REALLY go out of my way to find unknown talent on YouTube. I sift through the crap, to bring you folks with potential. Sometimes I end up subscribing the people I find & they get featured on the "Songs Of The Day" page on a regular basis.

This is the 2nd month in a row where I've waited until the last minute to post the YouTube Treasure Hunt. Sorry about that. Doing all these have pros & cons. The main con being that I watch about 10 shitty videos to every decent one in the process of finding these. The main pro being that I have subbed a lot of the people I've found over the past couple years & still enjoy their music. It's just hard to motivate myself to get these done early. But...it's done, and if you like any of the videos please check out their channels & subscribe. To see past hunts, there's a link in the sidebar that will take you to a complete list of them.

PS: I'll be featuring some of the videos that just missed the cut on the "Songs Of The Day" page of the blog over then next week. Expect 1 YTTH Leftover every day for the next week.

I Can Wait by Tony Pfiffner (16 subs)

codyjr73 & @codyjr73

I Don't Need A Vacation by James Smith (10 subs)


Want Me Back by MacKenzie Scott (35 subs)


Oh! Pandorica! by Christine Shawgo (44 subs)


Infatuation by Robert Borden (3,310 subs)
Ok...ok...he has more subs than most people I feature in these hunts. Cut me some slack, everyone else in this months hunt has less than 50 subs.


One Step Ahead by Arne & Daniel from The Candlelight Killers (11 subs)


Broken Wings by Sophie Zucker (27 subs)
I'm not a huge fan of these low budget music videos, and usually stick to videos of people just sitting in front of their camera & performing. However...the girl has talent, and so instead of sifting through more crap, I figured I'd include her. The treasure hunt is mostly about finding new talent, and she is an unknown talent.


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