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Thursday, March 31, 2011

YouTube Treasure Hunt #22

If you don't know how these hunts work, you can find the RULES <-- here. In short, this is the one time of the month I REALLY go out of my way to find unknown talent on YouTube. I sift through the crap, to bring you folks with potential. Sometimes I end up subscribing the people I find & they get featured on the "Songs Of The Day" page on a regular basis.

I was so unmotivated to do this months hunt. That's one of the reasons this is being posted just minutes before the end of March. Each time I sat down to hunt for videos it seemed like I had to watch 50-70 videos just to find 1 that didn't suck. In the end I did manage to finish, and the batch of talent turned out alright. It seems like I normally feature more females than men in these hunts. I'm a bit shocked that everyone in this hunt is male...aside from Jen Kuhn that's featured in the first song. To see past hunts, there's a link in the sidebar that will take you to a complete list of them.

Cellophane by Ryan Lerman featuring Doug Mosher & Jen Kuhn (1,343 subs)


Tragedy by billymisfits (1,101 subs)


Her Last Song by Robbie Gold (33 subs)

robbiegoldmusic6 & @RobbieGoldMusic

Home by Henry Eicher (1 sub)


One More Beer by J. Wright (2 subs)


I'll Be Here by Nathan Frazer (4 subs)


No Matter How It Seems by Eighthavenue (228 subs)


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