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Friday, March 4, 2011

Songwriting Cycle #2

If you missed out on the first Songwriting Cycle I'll give you the gist of it. When you sign up, you submit a songwriting challenge that will be given to a random person, and agree to take on a random challenge that someone else creates. Not everyone is eligible to participate. Edric has put some limitations on who is allowed to participate.

Anyone who has submitted at least two official songs in Song Fu and/or SpinTunes is welcome to throw their hat into this particular ring. I know, I know -- there are other songwriting sites out there. Why am I discriminating against Song Fight and Nür Ein and others? Well -- I really like the sort of challenges that have come out of Song Fu and SpinTunes. They’re a particular kind of class of challenges, and I know that veterans of Song Fu and/or SpinTunes will understand that sensibility. (And if someone has submitted two official songs -- not shadows -- then I know that they have the experience of meeting this kind of a challenge under this kind of a deadline -- I do really want the Cycle to be without gaps or holes.) - Edric
I disagree with not allowing Nur Ein participants to join in, because Nur Ein has similar challenges that take place on a MORE difficult schedule than SpinTunes or Masters Of Song Fu. But it's Edric's baby, so he's the boss. I guess it's an incentive to compete in the next SpinTunes (which will probably start late June), because there is still no news on when/if there will be another Masters Of Song Fu. You can find more details about the Songwriting Cycle #2 on Edric's website.

Fuck You by Walt Ribeiro (Cee Lo Green cover)

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