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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spinning Minecraft & U-Stream

I'll be posting a new YouTube Treasure Hunt soon, and the next Song Fight review isn't far off. Not much planned for the home page other than that though. I started another new blog, but it's not one I plan on pimping much. It's another one of those "just for fun" projects like the "200 Boobs" blog I started. No schedule, no pressure, just something to update when I feel like it. It's just going to be about my progress in Minecraft. (Spinning Minecraft) Hope to see a couple people in U-Stream tonight. I've got the playlist finished, and it should be a good time. 2 hours of music & 2 announcements about SpinTunes.

TONIGHT, March 28, 2011
Pre-Show starts @ 7:00PM EST
Show starts @ 7:30PM EST

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